About DPS

We empower informed care choices

DPS is Australia’s leading independent multi platform media company of 22 years, providing vital resources for senior Australians and people living with a disability.

Our innovative approach is changing the way Australians make decisions about their care and lifestyle by delivering the power of informed choice.

Back in 1999, DPS founder and previous CEO David Baker worked as a social worker in Adelaide where he saw first hand the challenges many families had understanding the aged care journey and the difficult process of finding a suitable home for their older loved one. The printed Aged Care Guide was created to help these families navigate the aged care system, followed soon after by the online information source and directory.

DPS now provides the gateway to connect senior Australians with aged care providers through an industry-leading suite of resources including AgedCareGuide.com.au online, the printed Aged Care Guide publications, Your Retirement Living incorporating Home Care Guide magazine and news and information site TalkingAgedCare.com.au.

In 2018 we launched Australia’s first multiplatform disability information resource, empowering people living with a disability and their families and carers to make informed support decisions and connect them with disability support providers through our industry-leading suite of resources including DisabilitySupportGuide.com.au, the printed Disability Support Guide publications, and news and information site TalkingDisability.com.au.

Our unique and established distribution networks include allied health professionals, Aged Care Assessment Teams/Services (ACAT/S), social workers, hospital discharge planners, placement consultants, support coordinators, financial advisors, aged care facilities, councils and Local Area Coordinators (LACs) together with a host of government agencies.

This distribution network and our incredibly strong position online means our resources are found and relied upon daily by people on their aged care or disability journey as well as those working in the industry.

In 2022 DPS became part of CareHQ opening up a whole new array of opportunities to better support the industry and Australians on their care journey well into the future.

2022 also saw the launch of our innovative and informative masthead Hello Leaders - designed to deliver business information and best practice to decision makers in the aged care industry. This resources encompasses a comprehensive website and weekly e-newsletter, to keep leaders in the sector up to date with the latest news and information that will help their organisations thrive.

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