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Published on 26 August 2022

DPS is known for its print and online resources that guide Australians, their families and carers, to make informed care choices when considering aged or disability support options.

As Australia’s most trusted source of information regarding the Aged Care sector, our online resources and national coverage with our printed guides, help us deliver the most effective way to reach ageing Australians looking at retirement living options, home care, as well as products and services associated with residential care.

There are currently just over 4.2 million Australians aged 65+, contributing to 16% of the total population. This number is expected to exceed 22% or 8.8 million by 2057.

For more than 22 years DPS Publishing Pty Ltd through its “Guide to Aged Care”, has delivered the latest information and updates for seniors, the most comprehensive tables containing lifestyle and living options with providers, along with the latest and greatest in products and innovations in the sector.

Our new look Your Retirement Living incorporating Home Care Guide publication is aimed at retiring Australians looking at living options, home care, and products and services associated with transitioning through, and preparing for the exciting years after work.

In 2018, coinciding with the Government roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, we launched an exciting new resource, the Disability Support Guide. Over 4.4 million people in Australia have some form of disability. That’s 1 in 6 people.

Through both our unique print distribution, and strong online presence, DPS provides the full gamut of critical information, empowering those needing disability support products and or services, and connecting them with a choice of support options suiting their needs.

Whether you’re in need of aged care services or are living with disability and looking for options to live your best life, we have provided the much needed pathway to navigating these transitional life stages, and the best ways to achieve your ideal in terms of comfort and lifestyle, regardless of your specific needs.

I invite you to see for yourself how we help thousands of Australians take charge of their wellbeing and find services, products and professionals to assist with their care journey. 

Michelle Beech


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